Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Still at Marina Shores, Portage IN

We were fortunate to find this marina to leave the boat for a spell given our hasty departure back to Spring Lake.  Very protected from L Michigan waves and a nice pool, etc and a good weekly rate.  And $2.59 diesel to boot, so we topped off.
Marina Shores

We came back to the boat with Sarah, Joe and Brett on Saturday evening, Sept 5.  They stayed overnight and left at 3 AM to catch flights out of ORD.  It was wonderful to have ALL of our children at the funeral on Friday and spend time with the rest of Julie's family.  And it was overwhelming to see the many friends who attended the visitation or funeral....a big thank you to all!
Sunday and Monday, we collected our thoughts, re arranged a few things on board and tried to find a repair technician for the air conditioner that failed while we were away.  It has apparently lost refrigerant charge...and it is the one we just spent big bucks on replacing both the compressor and air handler.  So one of the techs did not get something properly tightened and we lost charge.  I found someone but he can't come till Wed morning.  And after I set that appointment, we apparently overworked the other unit trying to beat the 90 degree heat and it pooped out too (for another reason).  So I called him and informed him we need that one repaired too.  At least the stateroom air is working so we can sleep!
Also had the nice task of making like a pretzel to swap out a shower sump pump that started leaking smelly shower water into the bilge as well as cleaning up the slimy mess.  Yuk!!  Stole the sump pump out of the lazarette that handles clean A/C condensate thinking I would rather have clean water in the bilge.  So that three hour project is done and we can shower on board again without the smell!  We will pick up a new pump (and a rebuild kit so I will have a spare for the future) as soon as we can.  No one around here stocks them unfortunately.

We are hoping for the A/C repairs to be done tomorrow as Thurs may be the only travel day on L Michigan for a while.
With all the repairs behind us (hopefully) we will be ready for guests soon!!
We are only 14 miles from the Calumet River and we cannot wait to start the river system!
And thank you to all who expressed their sympathy, well wishes, etc over the past few weeks.  Neither of us feels like we have really started our adventure or for that matter have retired.  It has been a whirlwind since retirement on July 17.  We look forward to settling in to a daily travel schedule and moving South....
So while we are sitting here waiting for a T-storm to pass, we thought we would provide a little update...So that is the life of a Looper for now!!

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